Designed Zine: Alterations Part 3

This is how my zine looks after all of the previous alterations. I scrapped out the old cover for a design I created using the halftone pattern I made for the centre spread. I altered the dots on in the bottom right corner to spell out “DOTS” in the negative space. I’m very happy with how this turned out and I think it is extremely effective and eye catching. I’m much happier with it than I was with the old cover. It also wraps around to the back cover so it’s not a boring white page like before.


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Designed Zine: Alterations Part 1

After I had gathered all of my source material I would be putting into my zine I was ready to start drawing up my second flat plan. This time knowing the amount of content I would be laying out. I decided to move the full page spread from my flat plan to the middle of the zine so there would be a somewhat of a break between the heavier text filled pages of the zine that surround it. I felt this helps slow the pacing down some and breaks the zine up making it easier for the reader to consume. I also added some visual elements that are not just images. This helped fill out the zine some.


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Designed Zine: Document Setup and Grid

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When setting up the document for my zine I set it to 12 pages at size A5 with facing pages enabled. This means I have an A5 booklet. I set the margin and left the gutter as default as I would be using guides for my grid instead. I also added 3mm of bleed around the whole document as I know I will be having elements of my zine the bleed off the edge of the page.

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Designed Zine: Letterpress Experiments









When initially starting my Zine project I wanted to show how different printing techniques look in a microscopic view. Due to letterpress being relief printing using solid tones of colour when look at under a microscope you just see solid colour unlike offset printing and lithographic printing where you often see halftones. Since I had to do these prints anyway I decided to experiment with using letterpress for my cover. Although I later scrapped this idea due to it not looking too great in the way I implemented it and it not logically suiting my zine I definitely liked the experience and think I may use it at a later date.

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Billboarding with your packaging design.

Billboarding is a great way to make your packaging design stand out on the shelf by making each individual package link to create a bigger design. Connecting the designs on your shelf packaging can really make a much bigger visual impact and get the costumer interested in the product you’re selling.

This is a great example of billboarding in shelf packaging. This design shows how this technique can be used in a horizontal space to bring the overall design to another level. When the consumer spots the design it will put a smile on their face and make them remember the the product.

This is another great example of connecting packaging and billboarding. This example not only uses the horizontal dimension but also the vertical dimension. Although this packaging doesn’t directly link in design it does use the concept of rooms in a doll house. This is very effective because not only it is a creative use of packaging design it also directly relates to the product in hand.

This example of billboarding shows how it can also work with colour, this packaging show not only linking of the type but how the billboarding as a whole can be used to create a colour gradient that is visually pleasing This design is quite versatile and would also work around corners. On the other hand this design also shows some of the downsides to billboarding, in my personal opinion this use of linked packaging design takes away from the design of the indiviual packaging due to the type wrapping around the corner of the packaging and lowering the readability of the type.


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