Designed Zine: Final outcome, feedback and changes


There are a lot of things I would change about my zine if I could go back and do this project again. I felt as though my research was extremely lacking throughout and it hindered my work. I feel as though I would have produced a much better outcome if I would have put some more time into looking at other zines and small publications. It would have also given me a chance to decide and figure out if I wanted to take a more fun, interesting approach or look at manuals and more technical publications for inspirations and take my design in that direction. Although my zine had a general theme and idea I feel as though there was a distinct lack of defined direction.

I feel like my lack of attention towards printing and paper choices have really let my zine down as a whole. I think I would have had much better colour definition and overall clarity on the final outcome if I would have went for something like a semi-gloss paper.

The main piece of feedback I received was that the yellow especially in the “Moiré Pattern” heading wasn’t legible enough. I very much agree with this feedback and had I had more time and resources I would have focused on tweaking it. Again I feel that if I would have focused more on the printing of my final outcome this issue wouldn’t be so severe. I received some good comments about my layout and a lot of people really liked my centre spread which I am very glad of.

One of the things I am most proud of in my zine is the type because I made sure to take careful attention to detail to make sure is would be easy to read and not hinder the readers experience in anyway. I wanted the content of my zine to be a seamless reading experience. Although people thought I had a professional looking layout and I think it was well balanced, I would like to explore some other less strict and structured layout concepts.

If I were to do this again I think I would focus on the idea of taking on the challenge of taking very technical and factual content and trying to present it in a fun and interesting way. I would use a lot less photography and have more imagery that I have designed myself as people like the middle spread of my zine so much. This would also free up the paper choices that I was stuck on; it would allow me to be much more creative with the paper and finishing without hindering the content within.

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