Designer Zine: Alterations Part 2

After I created the last flat plan I then recreated it in inDesign. I did a booklet print of it at A3 two sided with trim and bleed marks. After I trimmed it I fold all of the spreads and bound them with a saddle stitch to finish off my prototype. after I finished putting it together I had a critique with one of my lectures and some of my fellow classmates. I was already not too happy about my cover since it was rushed and and not very well thought out. This cover that I later scrapped originated from some experimenting I did using letterpress. You can see my experiments here. It didn’t really suit the style of my zine. Something else that was mentioned was that I should remove some elements to free up some whitespace and to remove the page numbers since they wasn’t 100% necessary in such a small publication.


Below are scans of the prototype after adding notes of what I want to change. Including the idea of changing the cover to one of the moiré patterns inside.


Image (128) Image (129) Image (130) Image (132) Image (133)

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