Designed Zine: Type Selection

When initially thinking about and planning my zine I wanted to aid for readability. From what I have research a basic way of creating pleasing type is to have a good contrast between the body type and the heading type. Since I my zine is quite neutral in tone of voice I decided to choose typefaces that reflect that. For my headings I chose to use Helvetica Neue because it is very neutral, has a great amount of weight variations, styles and clear and readable bold weights for headings. This means it is a great fit for the headings in my zine.

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Because I wanted a good contrast between the body type and headings I chose to go for a Serif typeface for my body type. Some people also argue that serif typefaces have greater readability especially in body type due to the serifs guiding the reader into the horizontal flow of the type. If you’re interested in learning more about this there is a great post by Alex Poole that goes over both sides of the argument in detail here. I chose to use Caslon for my body type since I saw it in the book Type and Typography by Phil Baines and Andrew Haslam and it caught my eye. Since it is such an old typeface, even claimed to be the first typeface of English origin I thought the large time difference between my heading type and body type would be good because it adds to the contrast between the two. Helvetica Neue has very consistent line width however in comparison Caslon is an Old Style typeface that has quite a lot of line variation and personality to it.

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