Designed Zine: Starting out

I chose to create a zine about CMYK and halftone dots. I thought about what kind of theme and style I wanted it to be in. Since it’s about CMYK I already had a good idea of the kinds of colour scheme I would be using. For the aestetic I wanted to focus on showing the interesting visual nature of the halftone grids themselves. Due to my want to use CMYK halftone imagery I was quite limited in the colours and types of paper I could use because I wanted concentrate on having accurate representations of the colours of the halftones and I felt different coloured paper would take away from that.


After thinking about these aspects of the design I started to drawing up some basic spreads for a flat plan I could base my zine on. I also experimented with what kind of grid I would use. After mocking my flat plan up in inDesign I realised I wasn’t taking my content into enough consideration. However it did give me a good idea of where to start. Once I have all the content for my zine gathered together it will give me a much better idea of the kind of placement and organisation I would like to use throughout.

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