Designed Zine: Photography and Content Creation

Due to being quite limited in resources for getting imagery for my zine I had to best utilise what I had available to me. That mainly being my the camera on my phone. I managed to get some okay micro halftones shots with my phone using a small plastic lens I pulled out of an old CD drive. I mounted the lens to a piece of card so it was easier to align and handle.


Before this I had experimented with using some techniques that use water droplets as a pseudo lens. Like in the link below. Although it was quite effective in getting good close up shots it didn’t have the kind of magnification I required to get a good look at the halftones for my zine. That’s why I carried on looking for other ways I might be able to achieve what I needed.

For the text in my zine I did a lot of research on halftone, CMYK and how halftones are used in print making today. For my zine I wanted to give a basic introduction on how halftone and CMYK is used in printing. The two resources below were a huge help in learning about the technical aspects of printing that enabled me to confidently write the content for my zine.

I included them at the end of my zine for further reading.

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