Designed Zine: Document Setup and Grid

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When setting up the document for my zine I set it to 12 pages at size A5 with facing pages enabled. This means I have an A5 booklet. I set the margin and left the gutter as default as I would be using guides for my grid instead. I also added 3mm of bleed around the whole document as I know I will be having elements of my zine the bleed off the edge of the page.

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I then go up to the Master pages on my Pages window and double click on them to the master pages up. This allows me to create a template that will be added to all the other pages in out document.


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Now I have the master pages open I head to View > Grids & Guides > Show Baseline Grid. This enables and shows the baseline grid that I will be aligning all of my type to.




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After that I paste in some text and click the button on the top tool bar to align it to the baseline grid. I then go to Edit > Preferences > Grids… to go and edit the baseline grid to my liking.


ss (2015-12-08 at 05.12.52)

Now I have the dialogue box open for the baseline grid I then set the “Increment Every” field to the desired leading of my body type. That being 10.7 points in my case. I then click the OK button to confirm my changes.



ss (2015-12-08 at 05.14.37)

I then took the point size I just chose for my baseline grid and convert it into milimeters. I did it simply here using Google. You could figure it out your self knowing a point is 1/72 of an inch and an inch is 25.4mm however there is no need when there are tools out there available to you.


ss (2015-12-08 at 05.43.03)

Now for my document I am going to use a modular grid. This means instead of going to “Margins and Columns…” I go to “Create Guides…” instead.


ss (2015-12-08 at 05.15.36)

Now I have the create guides window open I set the amount of columns and rows I want and set their gutter to 3.775mm. This is the number we got from before by converting our baseline point size. It automatically gets rounded to three decimal places. Due to the baseline grid starting from within the margin I also want my modular grid to start within the margins. This means we change the option to Fit Guides to: Margins. This means I now have a modular grid that is lined up to my baseline grid enabling me to line up type and image with ease.


ss (2015-12-08 at 05.16.39)

You can see here how the baseline grid and the image line up along the modular grid and the baseline grid.

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