Designed Zine: Alterations Part 3

This is how my zine looks after all of the previous alterations. I scrapped out the old cover for a design I created using the halftone pattern I made for the centre spread. I altered the dots on in the bottom right corner to spell out “DOTS” in the negative space. I’m very happy with how this turned out and I think it is extremely effective and eye catching. I’m much happier with it than I was with the old cover. It also wraps around to the back cover so it’s not a boring white page like before.


I wasn’t happy with how the some of the spreads lined up and I felt the 6 column grid on such a small publication led to the structure being too vague and obscured. For part of my alterations I change down to a 4 column grid and line the baseline grid up with my modular grid so the text and images align well together in harmony. I also noted some other alteration I wanted to make like fixing some mistakes in the copy, fixing up some of the rags, opening up the leading of the body type slightly and darking the yellows to make them more visible.

Image (134) Image (135) Image (136) Image (137) Image (138)Image (139)

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